Monday, February 25, 2019

SNC is simply too corrupt for Canada to handle


I agree with JT, let the whole SNC thing drop.  It's a wasted effort that occupies the country's attention.  Is anything good happening?  We need to get the economy going.

My old guy tells me amazing stories of the rise of snc.  He was a Montreal engineer.  I am horrified, but really, where did they get all that expertise to hide money trails through many countries?  That's why the investigation should be dropped, since it won't get anywhere unless you dip down to the very beginning.  And nobody wants that.

Let sleeping corruption lie.  The western provinces are unrealistic in the simplistic demands to stop funneling huge amounts of money into that province.  The economy is in shreds, and think of all the refugees that would flood the country.  We have some chain-smoking refugees up the road.

In the end, we'll just fumble through with this 'Grand Stupidity'.  Our real hope is in getting Ontario working again.  Somebody has to consume all that Alberta natgas.

**note that I am not very clear on the proper names of everything.  That's done for a reason....

ps.  Whether it is incompetence or corruption, the end result is the same.  Here, they are violating basic physics (forces) by trying to limit the scope through willful ignorance.  I have found that if 'Grand Stupidities' take up too much money, then the economy collapses.  Has been the same since the Great Pyramids, or the Mayans, in pursuit of white lime.  And in law, the 'Stupidity Defence' reigns supreme, and that's why trumpypants will get off from everything.  :)

pps.  It has been touted in the press that 'whatshername' suffered the fate of any whistleblower in Canada.  Nope, she suffered the fate of any 'bright technical purist' in any Canadian organization.  :)

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