Saturday, December 31, 2022

Mastodon Morning - Dec 31, 2022

 I include these wonderful snippets of brilliance for the blog crowd.  :)

Mastodon is now Usenet at it's finest.  Usenet was destroyed when the AOL crowd hopped on.  The only saving M is moderation, but that tends to become overwhelmed.

Friday, December 30, 2022

UK in the Spiral of Depression


This is approaching Russian hopelessness.  The eventual result will be a drastic reduction in life expectancy, and low birth rate.  The whole thing about Brexit was to stop Polish truck drivers, so they have no immigration.  That means the economy will also spiral downwards.

All we can do is watch and avoid what they are doing.  

ps.  the similarity with Russia is to add a whole bunch of alcohol to the mix.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

New Cold Blob Coming

 We are now living the Little Ice Age.  All hopes hinge on the Pacific Belt.  Will it go back to the old pattern, or are we into something new?  Although the heat energy in the world has followed bitcoin, nobody is putting out a spurious correlation.  

MIMIC is working again.  Happy New Year!  Our giant M9 Pacific plume has run its course, and a new cold blob is coming.

Right now, Toronto is enjoying a thaw but that won't last.

That cold is now repelling the Pacific warmth.  Who needs it?  This is exactly like the last time, so prepare for a flash freeze on top of rain, on top of frozen ground.  Huntsville snow is at 5 ft, and it will go to 10 ft, to be a true 1800 snow.  Toronto is currently enjoying lake-moderated snow.  My relative in Huntsville hates us.

The influencer opinion is that 2022 is the warmest year ever, and we are on-track to boil.

ps  Dec 30 -- nothing clear in the charts, no Texas Crunch coming, maybe next week.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

State of the Oceans - December 27, 2022

 I went totally manic on Mastodon and released all my funnies for the year.  Right now, I feel burned out, which is a good thing to accomplish without a big depressive crash.  I had to hit all my 'happy pills'.  

Every article is now on how the Pacific Cold Phase will suddenly end and bring El Nino.  This has no physics, and expresses a hope that the past pattern has a persistence.  They are also pouring money into bitcoin.  

I keep the blog for archive purposes, and long articles.  It's for when my brain is dead.  

It's sad for the bitcoin dreamers that the ocean current kinetic energy is increasing, and, of course, momentum.  This has more energy than any natural earthquake or volcano.  It is astounding.

The big bet for next year is between physics, and dreams.  This is a hard battle of hypotheses.  The influencers have never laid it out before.  Everything is 'explained' after, relying on folk wisdom, or 'sounds right'.  I don't think they can survive this one.

But, one-day heatwaves will be everywhere.  And we'll know about every one.

ps. Yeah, at Mastodon, the reader number stands at 3.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Rainy New Year


Mimic is still wiping out the north, so I'll never see another cold blob coming, but we see that an usual Pacific plume is penetrating and will give us a thaw.  Or something else with all that rain on frozen ground.  It's made 10 times worse by clange.

This is an unusual plume in that it strikes NA and continues to go north.  I've never seen this.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas -- We are not careening into an ice age

 Yeah, here is a happy thought.

Based on a wing and a prayer, our wonderful philosophers are casting the hypothesis that El Nino will come roaring back next year, along with the Zombie Apocalypse.  I'll being going to the cottage with warm weather starting at the beginning of May, and I can stay until November, like a few years ago.

Christmas is a time for happiness.  Forget all this physics stuff.

ps.  grandson

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Short humour quips all on Mastodon again

 Sorry, back on Mastodon (not called Mastodon) with

The cold weather has given rise to a lot of them.  And one actually said 'Are you contesting clange?'  I won't survive long.

ps.  here was the latest that fell flat

#physics NASA Groupthink video

We all had to see this as nuclear engineers. It's a lesson buried in 'unlearned' history. In summary, all 'scientists' just assumed things, that they knew nothing about. This is true 'scientific consensus'. The poor schnook physics guy was crucified for not laying his body on the shuttle launch rails. That is why I don't recommend physics for anybody. Leads to early death. :)

Epilogue - Sadly, the schnook died a homeless pauper, begging for coins from BMW's. The root cause was demonstrated to the influencers by the Great Feynman who dipped an o-ring into his Scotch on the Rocks. They raised their eyebrows and immediately flipped to the 'Stupidity Defense'. "Why did we not know about this?" He died shortly after, being smashed by a selfie death off a cliff. :(

pps the dog icon just floated into place and I can't get rid of it.

more: It's too much to go against the warmies on Mastodon-don't-call-it-that. Back to the blog.

even more: being me, I'm back again

Friday, December 23, 2022

The Great Storm Begins

 In Toronto.

The horizontal snow begins.  I zoomed out to add to the garbage bins, and that's enough for me!

ps.  storm has piddled out.  

Thursday, December 22, 2022

City north of Toronto votes for an LTE black hole, carnage follows

 I love my headlines.  When something is apparently really stupid, and there are no 'official' explanations, I just make things up.  Richmond Hill has no LTE for miles around.  

So, on a perfect day today, there were two horrendous accidents on Bayview.  One northbound, we ducked around before all the flashing lights came.  And then we wondered why no sirens.  We went up a block and there was another accident southbound, with every flashy they probably have.  Nobody going to the other accident, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T CALL THEM!

It must be wonderful for them to have nobody call them.  No wonder they voted for it, really cheap.  When I dropped off the kids, I couldn't go home.  NO FRIGGIN LTE!  I had to go with hand-waving instructions, go down there, turn left, etc.  No Ms. Google maps.

I also conclude that the accidents are caused by people suddenly losing Google Maps.  Everybody is banging the screen, going, huh!  and KABLAM!

If you are going to that god-forsaken place, preload your Maps.  I can understand them not wanting the ugly towers, but you can decorate them like Christmas trees.

Just put some lights on that.

State of the Oceans -- December 12, 2022

 I write this every week when the new current maps.  For the sake of new Mastodon readers (yeah for both of you!), I will go over the basics.

This is the map of current Argo floats in the ocean.  They are little things with lithium batteries and aluminum casings.  Ships drop them off and they float and send signals.  They make regular deep dives to check things there.  When they are old, they sink and the aluminum fizzes.  When they come up, they send their location and this is mapped.  

The currents map is simply derived by the drift of the floats over the week.  The placement of the floats is uniform across the globe, so the ocean current results have good physics.

Of the most interest to the UK is the state of the Gulf Stream.  It has been this way since after the big 2016 shift.  It used to transfer a lot of heat to the UK, but now it is mostly dead.  You can see this on the temperature plots.

This is what I consider the most important area in the world.  The cold water is feeding into the Pacific Equatorial Belt.  It hasn't changed for the last few years.  When things were hotter, the feed came from the North.  Again the temperature plots show how cold it is.  I call it the Pacific Cold Phase because it looks permanent.  Others call it La Nina, in hopes that St. Nicholas will soon be there.

Finally we have the area that was most important during the regular El Nino and La Nina cycles.  The hot water would build up here, and actually raise the absolute sea level a little bit.  The forces would increase and suddenly let all the water out, like a dam busting.  The last big one was 2016, with a little half one a few years later.

This is the current ocean surface temperatures.  Good physics and accurate.  Our friends, the weather influencers are trying to come up with something that beats 'Polar Vortex Fairies".  That is, they propose that heat is still building up deep in the oceans.  But hot water always rises to the top, so these are the maximum temperatures.  They also purport that the ocean currents are driven by winds, but the energy cascade is such that the oceans are driven by heat energy, and the winds are driven by the heat coming from the water.  It's easy enough to test this Internet Myth.

Atlantic cyclones change character


I'm on and off with Mastodon.  A blog like this maintains and archive, and social sites don't.  

In today's video we see the difference a little shift makes.  The last cyclone was a bit more south and just sucked in Arctic air over the UK.  This one is up a bit and changes the wind patterns.  The cyclone is fed with energy by a constant Atlantic plume.

This cold blob about to consume Toronto comes from a total lack of heat energy from plumes.  It is what we would expect when the ocean heat engine shuts down.  Friends of ours are romping in Saskatoon at 50 below.  This blob is bypassing the Great Lakes and coming at us from underneath.  That turns Toronto into Buffalo.  Hopefully, it's all rain again but I doubt it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Mindless Drivel


But there is a more serious long-term implication. We may be witnessing, in real time, the birth of a snowball of bullshit. 

This mindless drivel is complaining that soon they won't be able to tell if the mindless drivel is human or machine.  I find this hilarious since NOBODY IS GOING TO READ IT!

The AI text is coming at a time when nobody reads text.  Were a trillion useless windmills put up because of long mindless drivel articles?  No, it was one scowling face of a greta.  Every storm is '10 times worse', declared in a soundbite.  People drink gasoline because of tiktok videos.  

I'm text oriented and I like to write long, brilliant posts, full of physics.  Ha!  Everybody still wants to buy an electric car, and buy bitcoin.  That's all pushed by video.  So, soon we will have endless mindless drivel by pushing a button.  At least it's all digital.

A measurable hypothesis from the influencers


Yeah, we are going to be warm again.  

But he added: “For next year our climate model is indicating an end to the three consecutive years with La Nina state, with a return to relative warmer conditions in parts of the tropical Pacific.

“This shift is likely to lead to global temperature in 2023 being warmer than 2022.”

This is a measurable hypothesis.  The Cold Phase of the Pacific will be there, or not.  

And they have released the 'official influencer plot' of global temperatures, which has been missing for a while.

It just goes up and up.  My plot comes from NOAA, using the 'all months' option.  They never release their 'official' plot.

This one doesn't look so happy.  Still, Toronto is going to get a white Christmas, which hasn't happened for a while.  Good for the kiddies, sliding down icy slopes.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Jet flies into a violent clear-air convection cell


These are the 'earthquakes of the sky'.  You're just zooming along, and POW!  This happened a lot in the 70's and there were a lot of studies done.  Then it all stopped because they 'knew' everything, and physics interfered with the philosophy.  

I think we would need a few of these to start the physics again.  That's because all atmospheric heat flow is carried by convection, which is the exact opposite of 'greenhouse'.  A tiny bit of physics would prove this.  Not going to happen, we'll just get colder, and planes will hit 'air pockets', and the influencers sell stuff.

ps.  it's a good hypothesis to state that we'll see more of these sky quakes, and the ozone holes will grow larger.  All due to cold.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Huge cold blob descends on North America


The neat thing is that Hudson Bay has finally frozen up, and is no longer in the picture.  That still leaves the Great Lakes.  I don't have the mimic chart to see the strength, but this is at 50 below.  Although, the weather people invoke Polar Vortex Fairies, you must remember that they only like to dance at near-vacuum conditions, and have no intention of going into the thick stuff.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Canada should grow opium poppies


You simply know that they missed the next shipment right beside it, and it involved the criminals killing a lot of people.  

My general thought is to legalize the production and sale of 'natural' drugs, that have been found to have a beneficial effect on people.  Unrefined opium is much better than 'elephant tranquilizer'.  And Coca leaves make a fine tea.  The illegal refinement happens anyway of anything, like meth, crack, booze, ciggies, etc.

I envision all the bankrupt cannabis greenhouses growing this.  This should be our next thing to get Trudeau elected over PP.  

The US demand for refined cocaine has destroyed every single country south of the border.  Look at the latest story with the Dominican Republic, who Canadians thought was safe.  If you want to continue nice southern vacations, then support this campaign - called 'Good enough for Rob, good enough for us!'.  :)

Donations accepted at 'Fund my addiction'.  

Hudson Bay holds the line


Hudson Bay is covered with 10% ice, and is still pouring out the heat energy.  It's keeping the whole Arctic above normal for this time of year.  The Arctic was warmer all summer and I'm sure the Bay enjoyed the weather.  Looks like it only has another week to save us.

The cold is sneaking about Hudson Bay, and wants to hammer Texas, but the Bay is curving the wind away, so it just hits Toronto in its full glory.

The UK is about to be released from the icy grip.  But not so fast!  Here comes another 'forever' cyclone, to do the same thing all over again.

The guard maintains it is the end of White Christmases for Britain.  As we know, they only recognize the temperature plots that stop at 2016.  None of the new stuff for them -- so UK.  If the new cyclone sets up, guess what?  Buy the kids sleds for Christmas, or I should say sledges.

We'll call this a hypothesis for influencers - no white Christmas.

'Twas cold that killed the tank


We are gathering cold disasters, instead of the usual hot disasters.  Selected stories are not part of the Scientific Method, but we do it anyway.  

A man walks into a bar.  "I'll have a hot rum toddy, it's so cold out today."  He claps his hands to warm them up, and KABLOOEY!  A clownfish up his nose.  Good thing that diver wasn't cleaning.

RSS plots show temperatures down

 My biggest thanks to RSS, who don't really have to do this.  The world temperatures show the same pattern as noaa, mostly flat.

And, of course, with the Red Line of Hot Death, that I put on, not them.

The most interesting is the tropics, from which comes all our heat.

That's straight down into the basement, like bitcoin.  We have to follow them -- down   down  down.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Very weak tropical plumes for the winter


This is the best mimic I can get now.  It doesn't tell me about cold air blobs, but none of the northern plumes are getting anywhere.  It's very weird that the Arctic has been warmer than normal, but it's still very cold.

Right now, that's due to a Gulf plume that snuck up the middle of the continent.  It's giving us a monster storm in Toronto right now.

These 'stuck' plumes are giving a lot of long-lasting cyclones that are sucking all the cold air down to feed them.  The UK is still suffering.

They should think about putting the power underground on those hills.  This is Shetland, where people are tough.

ps.  this is a nice story about toughness


She won't be able to charge it, even if they found it with a metal detector.  Oh well.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Fusion power finally hits cross-over


Ha, this is not a 'breakthrough'.  They've been slogging away for a long time, and finally get a little surplus heat.  Of course, they are putting in very high-grade energy, and getting out a luke-warm bathtub, but that's for another day.

I wrote my series on fusion, knowing that this was coming soon.  They are using the 'bomb' method, while China and Europe are using the mini-sun method.  Russia is just killing people.

The point of my articles was that there are real 'breakthroughs' needed, and this can't happen in an 'incremental' world.  Nobody will cast a risky hypothesis, and it is best to not even think about it. Obviously, they have got the hydrogen atoms to 'pop'.  However, they are not counting neutrons, so we don't know how many.

I proposed the hypothesis that both the bomb and sun methods cannot scale.  In the bomb method, just a few atoms need to pop to get positive heat, but those first few blow it for all the other guys.  If you scale the output by throwing in more hydrogen, and more explosions, then it is still the same.  You are always going to get the tail of the probability curve - some atoms just wanna dance.

I just can't think of how the bomb method can make it to a commercial reactor.  Do you have bigger bombs?  Do you do more a lot faster?  All I'm thinking about are the vibrations tearing the whole thing apart.  We have to wait for them to scale, but I think they will have constant output no matter what.  The same goes for the sun method.

ps. turns out there are questions about their energy accounting.  It might be rather hopeful, but it looks like they are out by a factor of 100.  I would hope for more direct neutron counting.  Don't put any money into it!

NOAA global temperature chart of doom is out for November

 This is the chart we wait for all month.  All the other charts have gone belly-up.

There it is, the chart of all months, in the same format at the original 'hockey stick'.  Nooa will try to stick to the 'Novembers Only' plot, which is meaningless for globals.  It will show 10th warmest November,they don't have to go to 'middle third'.

The red line is the 'extrapolation of doom' sealed by The Consensus at 2016.  It goes merrily forth to a mushroom cloud of hot death.  Every time you read about all the permafrost melting, and old viruses popping out and killing us, they are using that line.  That's why it is in red.

VOICE OF THE CONSENSUS -- This is SACRILEGE!  The Consensus is clearly frozen at 2016.  It is forbidden to show a chart after that.  And putting on that red line is just too much!  We excommunicate you and are no longer a part of this farce.  

ps.  this is the Haywood plot.  For some reason, the influencers are perfectly happy in showing this.

pps. This channel no longer carries The Voice of the Consensus.  For this, and many other good things, tune to CBC.  Thank you for your patronage.

more -- they added '143 years' to make it more dramatic, since it is always that number.

Storms all around


This is the neat thing that is coming to Toronto.  It is a big, tight storm.  You can see the feeds right from the Gulf (warm), and the far north (cold).  It takes two to tango.

And in Europe, the 'forever' storm has decided not to land for now, but instead has decided to drive Britain to 20 below.  The only water Spain Guy is getting is teardrops in his beer.  That can't last, the storm has to eventually land.

VOICE OF THE DOOMSTER - Everything is made 10 times worse by clange.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Forever Vortex Chills Britain and Hits Spain Guy on the Nose


At least somebody is happy.  Probably lots of rain with the bottom of that forever vortex.

I only have Spain Guy as a commenter, but I hope he gets his rain.  This has been an unbelievable weather sequence, and it has to be over soon.  

Voice of the Consensus -- made 10 time worse by clange..

Monday, December 12, 2022

Britain continues to be blasted by air glaciers

 Yahoo, the mimic is back again.

This is neat, it shows huge clear air glaciers coming down to meet the 'Storm of Sucking Death'.  I think the air glaciers will win, throwing Britain into the -20 territory.  

In NA, we are experiencing the sneaky blob coming from the East.  The weather forecast is continually wrong, getting colder and colder.  The Pacific plume has crossed into the Yukon, and should come down as a standard clipper.  The leftover moisture in the middle of the continent should give us more snow.  Toronto looks to be cold.

State of the oceans -- December 12, 2022

 I put out this report when I get the new current map.  However, since it hasn't changed for 2 years, I'm not doing the video.

This is the map most sensitive to the ocean currents.  I look at this because water can contain 1000 times more heat energy than moist air, which is 1000 times over dry air (by volume).  

You can see the huge feed of cold Antarctic water in the Pacific, and the Atlantic influx of cold water is increasing again.  It looked like it might cut out, a while ago.  You can see the notch where we have our 'For-ever!' cyclone, that is sucking Britain dry of any heat energy.

I am quite satisfied with the hypothesis that the big turnover in the oceans is responsible for an ice cycle.  I'm not sure about the difference between the short cycle of a decade or two.  I'm confident that the major cycle has all the oceans cold.

Since there is no change in the ocean currents, I am confident that Australia with enjoy another soggy summer, and next year, as well.  The real test is whether the influencers have the nerve to call '4th La Nina in a row'.  I'm just calling it the Pacific Cold Phase, and it will be steady for at least 20 years.  The restoring force comes when Antarctica runs out of cold water.  Then, two hundred years from now, we will have passed our Little Ice Age, and we'll be back to warmth.

Britain to be cold forever because of a permanent cyclone

 Ha, I'm using the vernacular of tiktok to define 'forever' as 'Forever!'.  

This monster cyclone, herein referred to as the Springfield Tire Fire (stf) is amazing.  It just burns.  It takes in the warm Atlantic belt air and mixes it with Arctic air.  I'm sure it's giving ships a fine time.

It's distorting the current chart of sea surface temperatures because it covers a large portion of cold water.

The seas are now warmer than just before the huge 2015-16 rise of the last monster El Nino.  It's enough to give influencers shivers down their spine, but I'm sure than's the cold.

Mimic is still 'out cold' and I don't have any explanations.  This might be new physics, but nobody is going to measure it.  

When the stf finally sputters out, it will have sucked up all the heat from the Atlantic belt early.  

ps.  the cyclone is finally on the move to hit Britain.  

We aren't getting the polar region yet with mimic.

Microsoft and hints of Nortel


Only a Canadian would remember this.  Near the end, Nortel couldn't sell their mainframe phone switches.  Everybody was going to smaller units.  So, they financed the purchases themselves.  

On the kids water polo team we had a forensic accountant.  He spent 5 years unravelling the mess after the bankruptcy.  

So, instead of yesteryear's sleazy scheme of lending money to buy their stuff, this is a perfectly legitimate scheme to buy shares, so they buy their stuff.  The money made from selling a stake, goes into buying their stuff.  I can't help thinking of all those ransomware people rubbing their hands (because it's cold).

Legal stuff:  Microsoft is the best company in the world.   Please don't go after me.  I can sell a stake in FloppyFish Enterprises.  However, I would convert the hardware to Linux.  :)

ps.  this is a wonderful way to convert lots of cash on hand (which is considered 'bad') to income, which is considered 'good'.  Win-win all around.  Stocks go up and everybody parties.  They'll be investing in pig farmers next or donuts, always good in a recession.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Nova Scotia looking to approve wolf in sheep's clothing


This is funny.  I was looking at this again and again, and I said "This has no physics.'  Hydrogen plant, my arse, this is an ammonia plant.  How can they even call it a hydrogen plant?  I looked at large-scale ammonia plants and they need their own coal generating to feed them.  They would suck that rain-fed lake 5 times over.

So, this can't be it.  On to something completely new:

Method for manufacturing ammonia synthesis catalyst, and method for manufacturing ammonia

Patent number: 11235310

Abstract: Provided is a method for manufacturing a catalyst with which it is possible to obtain a supported metal ammonia synthesis catalyst, in which there are restrictions in terms of producing method and producing facility, and particularly large restrictions for industrial-scale producing, in a more simple manner and so that the obtained catalyst has a high activity. This method for manufacturing an ammonia synthesis catalyst includes: a first step for preparing 12CaO.7Al2O3 having a specific surface area of 5 m2/g or above; a second step for supporting a ruthenium compound on the 12CaO.7Al2O3; and a third step for performing a reduction process on the 12CaO.7Al2O3 supporting the ruthenium compound, obtained in the second step. This invention is characterized in that the reduction process is performed until the average particle diameter of the ruthenium after the reduction process has increased by at least 15% in relation to the average particle diameter of the ruthenium before the reduction process.

Type: Grant

Filed: August 8, 2017

Date of Patent: February 1, 2022

Assignees: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tsubame BHB Co., Ltd.

Inventors: Hideo Hosono, Masaaki Kitano, Toshiharu Yokoyama, Jiang Li, Shigeki Kawamura, Kazuhisa Kishida


Publication number: 20210380426

Abstract: The ammonia synthesis system of the present invention includes an ammonia synthesis reaction unit (10) that synthesizes ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen; an ammonia cooler (20) that cools an ammonia-containing gas discharged from the ammonia synthesis reaction unit (10); a gas-liquid separator (30) that separates ammonia liquefied by the ammonia cooler (20) from a circulated gas; and an ammonia synthesizing gas supplying unit (40) that supplies nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas, the circulated gas being supplied to the ammonia synthesis reaction unit, the circulated gas supplied to the ammonia synthesis unit having an ammonia gas concentration of 3% by volume or more. The method for producing ammonia of the present invention includes reacting nitrogen and hydrogen using a circulated gas having an ammonia gas concentration of 3% by volume or more and using an ammonia synthesis catalyst under a condition of a reaction pressure of 10 MPa or less to produce ammonia.

Type: Application

Filed: October 21, 2019

Publication date: December 9, 2021

Applicant: Tsubame BHB Co., Ltd.

Inventors: Taichi YAGI, Katsunobu YAMAGUCHI

This catalyst uses Ruthenium which makes Platinum look like a common metal.  It is the most deadly metal on the planet (or at least the middle third).  So far, the plant only has been shown on a small scale, and catalytic processes are notorious with scaling.

This plant produces no surplus hydrogen as part of the process.  It uses up hydrogen produced by standard electrolysis, and nitrogen produced by cooling.  The innovation is in the catalyst, which uses portland cement as a base, and converts circulating N2 and H2 into NH3.  

All the 'happy dreams' come from using ammonia as the hydrogen carrier for the pipeline, they are big on burning ammonia.  

They will also produce ammonium nitrate for shipping as a fertilizer.  That stuff had nothing to do with the big Halifax explosion.  It's safe as houses.  

I'm saying this is not some 'greenie wet dream hydrogen plant'.  It's a standard chemical plant with lots of stuff that can kill you, with a process that still has to try the whole scaling thing.  For legal purposes, I love this plant, and Nova Scotia.  I hope they throw in all their money, and all their electricity, and all their fresh water into it.  I'll be the first to go by in my tour boat, and go 'Woooo'.

ps.  this only has the greenies opposing it and the hearings are at Christmas.  So you know how much physics will go into this.  I call this a direct consequence of the greenie destruction of physics.

THE VOICE OF THE CONSENSUS - This is a fine green thing to do, as good as the windmills and solar cells that will feed it.

pps.  I have decided that I'm the only one seeing this.  I wish them the best of luck, and hope it works as well as the Ottawa LRT.  Good-bye.