Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Mindless Drivel


But there is a more serious long-term implication. We may be witnessing, in real time, the birth of a snowball of bullshit. 

This mindless drivel is complaining that soon they won't be able to tell if the mindless drivel is human or machine.  I find this hilarious since NOBODY IS GOING TO READ IT!

The AI text is coming at a time when nobody reads text.  Were a trillion useless windmills put up because of long mindless drivel articles?  No, it was one scowling face of a greta.  Every storm is '10 times worse', declared in a soundbite.  People drink gasoline because of tiktok videos.  

I'm text oriented and I like to write long, brilliant posts, full of physics.  Ha!  Everybody still wants to buy an electric car, and buy bitcoin.  That's all pushed by video.  So, soon we will have endless mindless drivel by pushing a button.  At least it's all digital.

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