Thursday, December 8, 2022

Arctic winds in the news

 The voice of the consensus will now only chirp when there is a clear violation.  This is just wind.

This is from the guard.  Had they not blathered on about how warm everything was going to be, these people might have bought better heating and insulation.  As it is, the radiator is going to freeze.

This wind is amazingly persistent.  When they go on about random heat waves in the summer, remember that the 'severity' of a winter is measured by degree days, and cannot be ignored.

Our Hudson Bay vortex continues.  The ice is gradually covering it and the vortex will stop when it freezes over.  But, the Toronto cold air is coming around the other way, and avoiding the vortex.  

That 40 below stuff is stuck by the vortex over Alberta.  We're just getting the left-overs.

The UK is getting hit with steady cold because the ocean water above it is finally chilling to the latitude level.  It has held heat for a long time from when it was pumped up the Gulf Stream.

The Gulf Stream may be coming back, but it's not at strength yet, and doesn't help in this situation.

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