Friday, December 2, 2022

Fishion Engine - Part 2

 This has fascinated me, but I don't think it plays to the crowd.

The second big fusion thing is the bomb.  We start with the fission bomb.  It blows when there is a hunk of U235 so that the neutrons interact.  Again, one atom can just make everything poof and die.  So, they had to confine the core.  This was a big huge steel thing, and dynamite to compress the core initially.  This is strict displacement confinement, good for bombs and not reactors.  The cushion of blast may actually have created 'constant pressure confinement'.

The hydrogen bomb added a bit of tritium in the middle.  The fission bomb compressed and heated the tritium and it exploded.  What they don't tell you is that are two phases, like the popcorn.  One, just to blow, and one totally popped.  The confinement is meant to hold everything until all the tritium is activated.

Pre-activation is common in nature.  An earthquake must have the whole fault at a 'minimal displacement' state.  This can be detected by electrical and magnetic currents.  Sometimes the birds go whacky.  Lightning is the same:  a conduction channel must be formed before the whole thing goes.

It's also the same for firecrackers.  You must design the confinement so that all the fuel is in the 'half-pop' state before it goes.  Same with a steam explosion -- a complicated dance.

Now that we know all this, on to the design that will shake the world.  Literally.  I'm not standing to close to it.  :)

-tbc  (maybe not)

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