Friday, December 2, 2022

Physics Hates Fusion - Part 2

 Now, we get to the part where things don't scale.  That is a classic physics thing that destroys all the big dreams.  Bitcoin expanded exponentially, but processing transactions was linear.  No good.  The physics of a tiny tube of CO2 does not scale to the atmosphere.  

But fusion is a diesel engine and that should scale, right?  No, you have to look right at the atoms or fuel molecule.  The O2 hits the diesel fuel and combines to form CO2 and other things, all with a lot of vibration, which is heat energy.  You can have a whole bunch of atoms involved and the output is solely defined by the amount of fuel.  Neat and easy to control.

BIG NOTE!  This caused a big creative brain storm, which is bad in my old age.  I designed my own thing -  FISHION ENGINE, which solves a lot of problems, but still runs into endless scaling problems, but I thought I could thread through them.  However, since it was dream, it has faded, which is fine.  Who wants to go against the Establishment.  They would have to be introduced to basic physics!  

In the end, the two established approaches - bomb, or sun, don't have milestones where you would say 'It's all downhill from here.'   It's all bitcoin hype, and if you had any money, buy lottery tickets.  :)

**Note to the hypers - Nobody reads me.  

ps.  apparently everybody and their dog are hyping the equivalent of the FISHION ENGINE, with no details whatsoever, and they are getting a lot of money, and have only demonstrated chemical engines.

pps.  it's ironic that the FISHION ENGINE cannot see the light of day in a world run by influencer hype.  A Ponzi scheme has the physics that it cannot scale.  It just collapses under its own weight.  An ad-hoc Ponzi scheme such as clange, gets so many hind-sight adjustments that it also collapses.  All these fusion schemes are run the same way as the Big One, run by nasa.  

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