Thursday, May 23, 2024

Heatwaves around the world

 In the summer, we always have a desperate search for one-day heatwaves.  Looks like Mexico is today's star.  

We have a 'world record' tropics temperature plunge.  This makes it difficult to pick out isolated heatwaves.  And the cold rains have hit the forest fires.

It's still tied with 2016 for a straight plunge.  We'll wait for tomorrow.

Mexico is in a stagnant 'heat lock'.  That always used to happen for California.  Now, they have endless cold blobs coming at them and its cold and rainy.

If we look at the world anomaly plot, we see the UK is cold and Mexico isn't that hot.  Almost no heatwaves, and Europe is getting a cold blob.  It's tough to be a leftwinger.  They'll have to go more with microplastics and 'forever chemicals'.  I love the power of selective vision.

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