Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Huge cold blob makes us chilly

 This cold blob has become huge, and is wiping away all our wonderful heat.  

The winds are going down to Mexico, and will kill their one-day heatwave.  Then, it's on to the next heatwave somewhere in the tropics.  Those places are supposed to get hot.

We can use the anomaly plot to guess where the next media heatwave will be.  I would guess Spain, but that is such old news.

ps. you would like my garden fight with baby rabbits.  Every time we look out the window, there is another one.  The old dog is hopeless and they dance around the live trap.  I was using my spray, but we were getting endless rain.  Now, I use the spray and red pepper powder.  Not pleasant to get a snoot in the nose, but I hope the rabbits dislike it.  


Neil T said...

Nope, not here.. Bit chilly for the next few days according to the weather forecast. Got burnt to a crisp this a.m. thinning my vines. This vineyard is next to a dry river but there is a small stone damn with water and at 7am it produces a dew. It's amazing,. The terraces above and below are cooked due to drought but the middle terrace is like a jungle. It was soaked by 7.15. Anyway, today is the last heat for a while.

Harold Asmis said...

So, no one-day heatwave for you. They wouldn't come anyway. You grim-types wouldn't do a 'hot dance' and pour water over your heads. No entertainment at all.

Neil T said...

I'm not grim, just grimy.