Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Great Red Spot on its last legs


Attacked by cold from the equator, and from below, the grs is on its last legs.  It totally dominated the world heat energy last year.  Had we been able to calculate total energies for the El No-no and the grs, we would have seen factors of 10 difference, and we would have known who was the grizzly bear.  But, no physics for you!

The northern temps are hooking down, and I expect a full dive into the crowd.  You can see what happened last year.  

The Arctic is down to the old days before the 2016 warm spell.  Polar bears will be happy.

The tropics are still ridiculously high.  I expect a huge dive, something like Toronto housing prices.  It's all a question on how long the spot can tread water.

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