Monday, May 20, 2024

World temperatures start the Great Crash

 We are now watching the final moments of the Great Red Spot in the West Pacific.

All the flow to feed it has stopped, and it is getting sucked into the Cold Black Hole of the equatorial belt.  I have never seen it like this.  Nobody will admit that the historical cycles are over.

The tropics are starting their Dive of the Century, which is a rather meaningless term, since we don't have much history.  As with earthquakes, this could all be taken care of with physics, but we know, 'that ain't gonna happen'.  We just get endless hopeful forecasts.

What goes up, must come down.  Meanwhile, we enjoyed a great 'stagnant weather' event in Toronto.  The dragonflies have come out.  We will get cold spells, as the Gulf warm air can't be steady.

In summary, the spot had 10 times more heat energy than I thought.  All we have is the thin veneer on the top, measured by the satellites.  That phoney El No-no fooled them all, because it had no energy, and this spot had all the energy.  One day, we'll have physics, after I'm dead....

ps on the 'Science Porn' web sites, there is a new player.  Without any laws of physics, these sites are subject to 'lawlessness', where the new guy goes wild with 'new  fuel' and 'new battery' crap.  This is the same as 'Everything is Clange' influencers.

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