Saturday, May 18, 2024

Cottage bug report

 Lots of blackflies.  May have seen a dragonfly on the road.  Leaves are more advanced than usual.

ps. nothing is worse than blackflies when it is hot.  Darn nets are a sweatbox.

ps  Yeah!  First dragonfly zoomed by my head.

ps. so hot today, I jumped into the water.  No extreme pain.


Neil T said...

L'Oreal Natural Honey skin cream keeps them at bay. All farmers keep a bottle on their tractor around where I am.

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, but we have bears.

Neil T said...

That's just its name... Probably has DDT in it or similar. I doubt it's a natural anything but it takes care of the little gits.

Harold Asmis said...

Anyway, my F16 dragonflies have shown up.

Neil T said...

You're lucky... my keyboard only goes up to F12 - screen brightness + :-)