Monday, May 13, 2024

A Rabbit-Proof Fence

 Yeah, I don't have a rabbit-proof fence.  Turns out they can get into anything.  The babies pass through my chain-link fence like water.  The big ones always find new holes.

I have my official rabbit-proof spray that I shoot everywhere.  The rabbits hate it and it kills the beetles, and other endless pets.  Ha, we gave broccoli to our neighbour and rabbit ate it.  Not my stuff!  I lent her the spray container for the cherries, but I need some advantage.

The spray is made up differently each time, because I can't remember anything.  Here is the recipe, I think.

-two gallons of water in a standard air pressure sprayer

-two tablespoons (dollop) of Home Defense synthetic pyrethin. This is the same molecule as extracted from Marigolds, but you can't kill that many flowers.

-dollops of Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Miracle Gro Powder

-a hunk of Epson Salt, and a few drops of Blue Dawn liquid dish soap.

-a hunk of Borax powder

Shake a lot before spraying.  It all has good physics.

Because it is so weak, I spray a lot.  No hope for the apples, but you can just cut out the worms.

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