Monday, June 5, 2023

How to handle stewing in your own smoky juice

 We can certainly blame climate change for everything, and now it is causing stagnant air all over the world.  Amazing that the carbon is now responsible for more and more things.  It used to be just a thermal blanket, but it has failed at that, and now is it causing stratospheric cooling, if you only look there.  Those people aren't going to look at the lower atmosphere.  Why bother?  You know everything about that.

This is my computer room.  I have been experimenting with UVA light, and titanium oxide.  It forms hydroxyl ions, which are negative ions of water vapour with a hydrogen stripped off -- OH-

If you use UVC, first you can't get it as an led, and it attacks your nose.  This is nasty stuff, but uva is classic 'blacklight' and is harmless.  I first got a really weak led light, and it was useless, then a 40W, and not much.  Now, I have a 100W, and it might be too much for a room, but it produces.

Right now, I find it a mood lifter, like all my other lights.  I got the titania-infused filter foam directly from China.  It's hard to find.  OH- floats around and attaches to covid and smoke particles.  They are then charged and clump together, and settle out.  Very neat.  Hydroxyl is that 'fresh rain' or 'sunlight on white sheets' smell, and everybody should generate it for indoor air, especially in air conditioning season.  However, this is all physics, and nobody will do it.  :(

And I'll use the 100W outdoor floodlight for Halloween decorations.  Better than a smoke generator...

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