Monday, March 28, 2022

Ocean current report - March 28, 2022

 The current map is dated March 27. 

We have the most beautiful Pacific belt current, but it doesn't mean anything right now.  

That's because it is still very cold.  After a few years of this, they won't call it La Nina any more.  The Atlantic belt is still disorganized.  We'll have a short but hot summer this year, with lots of heat wave stories.  That's because we have no heat energy in the oceans.  It's funny that the colder we get, the sillier the phillies get.  Bidenarmy won't have any natgas to send to Europe, it will be needed to keep the US from freezing.  And 4 billion dollar battery factories will be gathering dust.  

ps.  readership is up to 26 around the world.  Physics is on fire!

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