Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Red light for Red Eyes


After several months of testing, I am proud to state that red light in the eyes works for old people in the wintery north.  It's about the same as lying in the sun with your eyes closed.

For me, it has resulted in better vision, and less trouble with dry eyes that I get with any screen work, or using my ereader.  I used to go through a lot of eye drops, and now I hardly use that stuff if I remember my routine.  I'm going 3 minutes with strong red light in the morning while I update my Linux computer.  I'm on Debian Unstable, and that's a lot of uploading each morning.

Then I put on my blue light for depression.  I can't put it all together with white light because the iris of the eye doesn't react as much for red light.  Probably an evolution thing.

A red photon hits the mitochondria in the eye and makes them younger.  Quite amazing.  Since nobody ever reads this, I won't go on about the equipment.  I just feel good broadcasting it from my pulpit in the deep woods.  :)

If I am at the cottage, with no sun, I am back to the eye drops.


CB said...

Someone is reading... I'd like to hear what equipment you're using; I get a ton of tearing in the morning.

Harold Asmis said...

I'm using this because we had it around.

But ammie has lots of red light flashlights.