Monday, September 21, 2020

Cannabis Check


By now, the flowers are nice and juicy.  You can see all the little spots on the leaves if you zoom.  This is 'Hash Plant', about 5% cbd and 12% thc.  This is the ultimate curing plant, makes all those other herbs look useless.  It cures anything 'weird' that is due to inflamation.  Most doctors can't handle that, and if you go to downtown Toronto specialists, they'll give you a big dose of steroids, that make you sick as a dog.

If you got covid, you have to down a ton of the processed oil.  All those weird after-effects are due to inflamation, and covid kills by over inflamation.  We have cured 'old crone' disease, and countless pains and tingles.  If you want to die young, have some chronic inflamation, those free radicals cook you from the inside.  Goes well with the cheap wine from our wine guy, since it probably stops liver inflamation, although if you are a saint you can stop drinking the wine on a cold winter's day.  It's either this oil, or the old 'Don't do anything!'.  :)

By the first of October, or a hard frost, the white squirmy things should be wilting and it's ready to harvest.  Growing your own is a hundred times cheaper than buying, but if you are buying, then get high-cbd buds (with thc) and make your own oil.  We have found that the purified oils are useless, since you probably need all the minor things derived from buds.

**no diagnosis, or claims are made here, and I'm not selling anything.  Have a nice day.

ps.  you drink a lot less wine if you give this oil about 2 hours ahead of time.  A double benefit for the liver.


Penny said...

what if I don't want to stop my glass of wine a day with supper?

there are other ways to treat inflammation... I'm just saying ;)

Tumeric is good too- and it makes a great tuna sandwich!

Harold Asmis said...

This stuff is a factor of ten over that.