Tuesday, November 5, 2019

California Fires -- Human activity swamps climate


“It’s almost certainly not climate change,” he said. “We’ve looked at the history of climate and fire throughout the whole state, and through much of the state, particularly the western half of the state, we don’t see any relationship between past climates and the amount of area burned in any given year.”

“Oh, yes, very much,” he said, laughing. “Climate captures attention. I can even see it in the scientific literature. Some of our most high-profile journals will publish papers that I think are marginal. But because they find climate to be an important driver of some change, they give preference to them. It captures attention.”

I like the rational scientists coming out now.  They used to be afraid.  We are having an exponential rise, and I'll try to keep track.

This is much more fun than the usual insults thrown around.  'Commie  - Troglodyte!'  :)

ps.  the Arctic ice volume is having a field day.  The whole Arctic is at -25C.  The ice volume line has set a new steep slope, and is heading to the main pack.  I think in about a month, it'll be at a new record.

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Darn tootin'.  You're going to freeze your ying-yang off!

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