Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fun with climate and math

So, we leave the physics behind for now.  We do some obvious math.

This is the temperature trend as determined by the RSS people.  They take the direct satellite temperatures which are the 'gold' standard.  The warmies only show these charts when 'gold' is going up.  All their temperature charts stop at the 2016 peak, as do all their articles on polar bears.

We regularly show this plot of world temps.

The global trend is right in the middle of the top plot, as we would expect.  All the 'global' temperature rise has been in the north.  Zero at the South Pole, even though all the articles have it melting.

Now that we have a real winter, the warmies have try something new, like 11,000 mickey mice.  They have to give up on polar bears, and kill off penguins.  Australia can still have riots because it is warm.  Right now, all the floods in the UK are being blamed on carbon warming, but soon it will be snow.  I can't wait to see what else is coming down that warm pipeline.

You can use my chart as a sign for the next climate strike.  :)

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