Saturday, November 23, 2019

El Ninos more powerful during rising 300 year cycle


This article was a bit more rational.  It means that the primary mechanism for the long warming cycle is warm Pacific water on the north side.  There were times with almost no El Nino events.

Of course, the 'Warmie Channel' has their spin on this.

Since an El Nino probably moves a million times more heat energy than in the entire atmosphere, this is like saying 'Carbon affects plate tectonics'.  Just like trumpy, there is no limit to the philosophy.

Meanwhile, our unstable tropical plumes are pouring 'standard weather' down on us.  That's a high plume causing NW prevailing winds.  We haven't seen this for quite a while, and it will probably stay just a week before something else weird.

Meanwhile, all the gretas should give this man their money...

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