Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ice Age Physics -- Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the start of the hypothesis, and the fact that the Southern Hemisphere seems immune from warming and cooling cycles.  This is part of the hypothesis and if anybody finds evidence of Australian ice advance, then it blows apart.

No other hypothesis, such as carbon, orbital variations, axis drift, sun spots, etc, can exclude the SH.  All these things are uniform over the Earth.

To get a hypothesis right, you have to include all known physics.  In my work, I have always used a working hypothesis to direct future studies.  It is important that you choose future work that can blow the hypothesis.  If you are intellectually dishonest, like nasa, then you stay 'politically safe' for all future work.  Since the entire world is run by PR departments, no existing 'theories' will ever be shattered.

Tropical plumes are the main mechanism to spread the warmth around the Earth.

Northern plumes can go over the Arctic, but nothing penetrates the ice of Antarctica. 

However, an air plume cannot carry that much heat energy.  The warm, wet air on this plot carries 10 times the heat energy of dry air (just a guess, but easily measured).  But a warm ocean current carries thousands of times of heat energy than air (specific heat of a drop of water, vs a drop of air, by volume).

The warm ocean currents direct the tropical plumes, and feed them energy.  How? 

-- to be continued

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