Thursday, November 21, 2019

Setting up the indoor micro-greens

Yes, we are going to have 6 months of snow this year, but we can have microgreens!

I have one of those big Amazon grow houses in the garage, about 4x4 on the bottom and about 8 feet high.  I have a small ceramic heater in it.  I can roll in a 2x4 x7 feet high chrome shelf and on it I put 3 big Walmart flat storage bins.

I have just filled them up with clay beads from ammie, and I have the latest COB grow lights that don't need a fan.  My bro-in-law took my old lights and totally cleaned them out, and he loves them.

The bottom tray is a sump with the pumps.  I make up an approved hydroponic solution and let it all run.  Takes about 2 weeks to harvest.

Right now, one of my trays has sprung a leak.  pooey.

ps.  I repaired the leak and it just drips now.  I hope it clogs up.  I now need a new high-lift pump for the upper tray.  Most of the cheap fountain pumps only lift 1-2 feet.

pps. got a 6 foot lift pump quite cheap.  Everything still drips but it's being caught by the sump.  Growing radishes as the test. 

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