Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Slavery in Toronto

It is very difficult for a young girl to get a full-time office job in Toronto.  My daughter, 28, has finally got a full-time job with benefits and a union.

Our distant relation, university educated, about 25, has been working contract jobs for some time.  She was finally offered a full-time job, but what a hell it turned out to be.  A factory, probably failing, needed someone to do injury incident reports.  She found a horrible lack of previous reporting, but what she to do?  They plunged her into working 11 hours a day, forced free overtime, because all the others were doing it. 

This was intense work and was destroying her.  She felt there was no recourse because to refuse those hours was to refuse the job.  Peer pressure was intense. 

It's unresolved for now, but we had the nanny abuse, and then the famous Bell unpaid intern abuse, and now white collar abuse.  It's sad that we have come to this.

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