Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Ocean current report -- Nov. 25, 2019

Yeah, the current in the Bering Strait has completely reversed.

This is the end of the famous 'warmie notch' that created a lot of fish wrap.  The ice is closing in fast, and our English Major friends will need to turn their attention to something else.

Meanwhile, we are having 2 days of warmth due to a Gulf Pulse.  That's due to another Pacific tropical plume slashing down and driving up the warm air.  It's very weak, and is probably the best we can expect this winter.

You can now see that all the equatorial warm water is diving south, and the Caribbean and Gulf still have a residual from the summer.  This trend (to the south) gets more and more pronounced each year and hopefully the islands still remain a nice winter vacation spot.  If that cold water moves right in, then nobody will want to go there.

The famous tabloids have been uttering this threat for weeks now.  I'll believe it when I see it.

ps.  another shot of the ocean temps.  The Gulf is quite cold now for this time of year, and the Caribbean looks like a little island of warmth.  Heat flow will ensure that this doesn't last.

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