Saturday, November 2, 2019

Ocean current report -- Oct 31, 2019

I'm tagging these so people can look at a longer term trend.

The current map is oscillating, almost no current last week, and an increase this week.  This is highly dependent on the number of measurement floaters that are out there.  But there still is a lot of heat energy going south.

You can see that the southern stream is getting hotter.  In a full ice age, I expect that the picture mirror-flips so that all that hot water is south.  You don't want to see that.

Meanwhile, the colder water contours are approaching Hawaii.  We are at a 50% mirror-flip in the Pacific.  You have to look at the last few years, and you don't want to see this, but here it is.  This is the spooky thing for Halloween.  Don't look!  Just pretend it's warm outside.

I'm always fighting with my mirror-twin about whether these big cycles are a heat storage thing in the Pacific, or a flip.  The flippers are winning right now.  It is really difficult to store extra heat energy in the depths because hot water rises.  I'm now telling that other guy that it is impossible.  But, we've lived the last 20 years on warmie impossibilities, who cares?  :)

Our warm air pulses in Toronto are dependent on the warmth of the Gulf of Mexico, and it is getting cold without a good equatorial current feeding it.  As well, the UK hasn't had the Gulf Stream for years now, and they feel it.

Now, just under this, the Guardian goes on about the 'climate emergency'.  Yep, there is one.

The UK is still above freezing.  Yeah!

whoops, the warmies have discovered the ice volume charts. 

They are all hot on the offset, but now it's the rate of freeze that is important.  Again, what happens when you don't know math.

The bottom line is this year.  We had some warm hits with those big tropical plumes but now it's at full speed.  Barring another El Nino, we will see it go over the top.

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