Saturday, November 16, 2019

Join Telegram and form a group

On the now-defunct Google+ I would put little things that I wouldn't do a blog for.  But, there wasn't any great participation there.

I've started Telegram with a Linux program.  It's just like the old Usenet, and it may not last that long.  You have to know at least one person before you can form a group, very sad.  I've joined the Linux group and that seems fun.  However, the spam situation may destroy everything, since 'sock puppets' are easy.  That's when somebody just floods with new identities as they get kicked off everything.  They use phone numbers for new users, so that might stop it.

Join telegram and message me.  Harold Asmis.  Maybe we can have a group, and it is totally encrypted against climateers.  :)

ps.  whoops, forget I suggested this.  It's already totally contaminated.  Suffers the fate of all other discussion groups.

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