Wednesday, November 13, 2019

US breaks cold records set last year

I thought that was funny when I saw this in the press.  Every year sets a new record for cold.

What's fun, is the size of this cold zone.  We've had cold snaps before during the warming spell, but it was just cold air pushed over by tropical plumes.

We're going to get more of these articles "Global warming causes global cooling."  These are just stories that fit the current data.  It's amazing that this is how we do 'science' now.  It'll all end in tears.

ps.  our Etobicoke leaf pickup looks like it's gummed up for the year.  Leaves are all in huge frozen lumps thrown up by the snow plow.

pps.  these add-ons to the carbon story build up, and start to contradict each other.  And then it unravels.

more:  fhew.... I'm a boomer and I was worried.

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