Saturday, November 16, 2019

Australia in a solar heat lock

This is what happens to Toronto in July.  Last summer, the Northern Hemisphere had a week of real heat and it looked like this.  The summer was actually nice and sunny with highs under 30.  But Australia right now is having a heat wave.  This is standard for them, and the aboriginals knew to set fires when the ground was moist.  When you leave it to grow thicker and it gets dry, then there are super hot forest fires that kill everything.  It's exactly like California, and calls for prescribed burns.

In the peak of summer, the Sun is right overhead and has the solar flux of the equator.  During a heat lock, the topical plumes avoid the area, so no ocean breezes to moderate the temperature.  You can see that even if a little bit of plume crosses the place, there is no rain.  This is just a map of 'possible rain' if the warm moist air hits cold air.  So for rain, you need a 'collision'.

If it is warm outside, then everything is due to carbon warming.  That's Venice and Australia right now.  They have left California because that usgs guy told them off.  Although the UK is flooding, it is really cold, so they have left off there, as well.  I find that amazing.

In the north, all the charts show us freezing and getting colder. 

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