Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ocean currents -- Nov 15, 2019

Today's big story is the massive Arctic current.  For the first time, that I have seen, there is net flow into the Bering Straight.

This is the current coming around Greenland.  It stops the Gulf Stream and plunges all the way to the equator.

I had thought it was just rejected saline from the Arctic ice build-up, but there is net flow into the Arctic.  Last week it seemed to be much more.

This flow is causing the ice-free zone around Alaska, which the warmies are holding up as a warm thing.

They are also making hay on the lag in this chart.  It was building up very fast, but now has resumed the normal rate.  You can see the big chunk taken out around Alaska.  We've had a lot of tropical plumes hitting that zone, and there are strong currents.  It should fill in soon, as all the warming influences have stopped.

ps.  Yeah, vw is going from the diesel disaster straight to the lithium disaster.  I love it.

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