Friday, January 25, 2019

A fantasy of Space

Let's imagine that the Big Boss of a space company says:  "I had a hallucinating dream of a big spaceship from my childhood.  Make it work.'  Now, the guy who knows physics, says: 'No friggin way!' and is soon gone, or munching cannabis, who knows?

The others say "Yeah, Boss, it's inspired!'.  And the boss proclaims "My girlfriend says we should stand it up in Texas tornadoes, so that all may admire it.'  "Yeah, boss!"

And such is life.  There is a thin edge between brilliance and stupidity.  And we never know how the coin toss went, until years later.

ps.  I say it's absolutely brilliant!  Please leave me alone....

pps.  clarification for youknowwho.  In some places such as the above, there is a super physicsguy or girl.  They aren't narrow, they need broad talents to convince money to stick to physics.  This is very rare, one in a zillion.  However, they are passionate, and I hope he has good drugs.  I saw 'The Silver Thing' and said there was no physics here.  I've said the same to many things, but it takes 20 years for the failures.  So sad.

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