Sunday, January 6, 2019

Pacific warm air plumes continue

I've never seen anything like this, but it goes on and on.  Plumes are generated at the west end of the Pacific, and they go all the way to Europe.

In Toronto they are giving us super-cold one day and then warmth.  They do the same for the UK.  But they are ephemeral.  I've said it can't go on, but still it does.  Driving me nuts.

That's the fun of Chaos, or chaotic motion.  Anything can happen.  I'm predicting, with my lousy record, that they will go lower and lower, and anything above 45 deg lat, will soon become a place where spit freezes before it hits the ground.

The big money will be made by using my prediction and speculating on US NE natural gas at the Henry Hub.  HA!  Good luck with that!  Don't come whining to me if you lose your shirt.  :)

ps.  if you do make the big bucks, I like good scotch.

pps.  It seems that my ocean current map is closed due to the trumpfit.

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