Thursday, January 10, 2019

Linux -- fail on hpallinone

The hpallinone is a disaster.  This is win computer with everything in the monitor.  In order to get it to work hip did some amazing work, with 3 drivers for audio, and a bizarre wifi setup.  Come the next win update, and no sound!

Cleaning up the audio drivers didn't work.  And then, in desperation, I used the Debian Buster installer with all non-free firmware.  It didn't even see the wifi.  Then I remembered how Debian is having trouble with wifi lately.  So, really no hope.

The realtek wifi relies on closed binary blobs.  I think all the drivers in the hp are the same, so don't get this thing.  The old guy will just have to take it back.  :(

ps.  apparently when using non-free blobs you have to turn off secure boot.  I'm going to try a live disk first to see if it can figure out all the drivers.

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