Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Final death of Big Nuclear


Japan was the last country making the big steel reactor vessels.  But if you read the stories, they were all old men working.  They have died of over-work.

We, the old nuclear guys, are turning over in our graves, or munching cannabis, whatever.  The whole nuclear thing went Big Bureaucracy, with total idiots in charge.  Wait until you see the Darlington bill for a 'reduced scope' of nothing.  But everybody in Ontario will be happy because it's all written by the PR department.

Nuclear was good stuff, but we don't need it in Canada, once the carbon balloon blows up.  Burn carbon for the cities, and generate lots of money with giant Coca greenhouses by the hydro plants up North (replacing bitcoin miners).  No need to lose all the energy with long transmission lines.  A brave new world.  :)

ps.  wait until you see the medicinal effects of Coca Tea!

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