Saturday, April 13, 2024

No Spring pattern yet for us


We'll just be getting our 'up and down' pattern, with slashing plumes.  This involves the Gulf air incursions and brutal Arctic spills.  I put the tomatoes back under the lights.

This is what I predicted from the lack of heat energy in the world, but I was derailed by a huge oscillation of the hot zone in the Pacific.  That gave us a monster plume after the January Arctic spill.

Those oscillations may have settled now.

We don't really know, but we can blame La Nina, instead of the old 'God's Will', which is so yesterday with influencer space.

Dog Walk Report:  Very cold with sleet.  I had on my full winters, and we turned back.

ps.  a nice spring pattern is a pure westerly wind from the Pacific right over the mountains.

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