Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A subtle attack on the climate change groupthink

 The essence of the groupthink is 'simplicity'.  They yell in your face 'Carbon goes up, temperature goes up.'  Simple, QED.  No physics required.

Now, we have the comeback of physics.


The article is incomprehensible, and you find yourself yelling "Get to the point!".  But they never do, because that would bring the "Hounds of Climate Hell" down on them.  Basically, they are saying that temperature changes are fractal on all scales.  This is equivalent to saying it follows 'Binomial Theorem', which is what I say all along.  It's a game of Plinko.

They say all this every time when they discuss ocean current modelling.  The last interesting paper said that, although all previous temperature variations are due to ocean currents, the current one is 'obviously' carbon, because that's what everyone says.  They don't want their funding cut.

One day, a paper like this will say what they are really thinking.  

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