Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Toronto in air mass collision zone

 The weather people just mention a 'Colorado Low', to keep you in ignorance.  A little bit of physics shows that there is a huge collision of an Arctic spur and the Gulf warm air plume.

The Arctic looks like it is warming up, but that goes up and down.

Unfortunately, looks like another Arctic incursion coming down.  

That one plume doesn't look like a Spring pattern, and the second plume is forming up for a huge clipper.  Two snowstorms for April.  I'll be trimming down my tomatoes in the trays, and we'll be back to the May long weekend for planting.

ps.  my prediction of a long winter is looking good right now.  But, we were fooled by the mega-plume which warmed the whole earth.  If we could rate these things, it would have been an M9.

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