Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Toronto vacant home tax seems crazy

 Just got a letter in the mail that I owed the city 8000 bucks for having a vacant home.  By the way, you can avoid this by paying us 21 bucks.  Sounds like a scam?  Unfortunately not.

Time for the phoney outrage to appear as millions get this letter.  I declared the home not vacant in April of last year, and they acknowledge it.  But I didn't declare it for the second time that year, for the next year tax.  What?

I didn't get any notice for Declaration #2, or an indication they want multiple declarations.  Perhaps I ignored a notice, knowing that I had declared, or perhaps they never sent anything because of Chinese hackers.

I think this was a royal screw-up, but now I'm out $21.  Good cash grab on their part.

ps. Yeah!  The neighbours got the same letter.  They must have sent out millions.  My neighbours are 80 years old, and I filled the form for them.

ps. The extra tax is so high, that the guy who has a real empty house up the street put a junker car in the driveway.

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