Saturday, April 27, 2024

Pacific 'Great Red Spot' continues to pulse, but with less energy

 The heat energy of the world has been dominated, this past year, by a great red spot in the East Pacific.  Unlike the phoney El Nino, this lives in the 'Land of Physics', and is 'real', as defined by the Scientific Method.  It has nothing to do with Influencer Reality.

You can see in the video, it has pulsed a lot this month, but it getting smaller and being driven up into the cold equatorial belt, due to seasonal change.

This pulsing is reflected in the tropical temp chart.

Just looking at that, you can be forgiven for thinking we will have another hot year.

But, the world temps are diving.

And North America doesn't get any heat energy.

And no heat for the Arctic since March.

And the UK just gets more 'explanations' from influencers.

For North America, you can see by the chart that temps will climb by solar heating (seasonal change).  This is good, and we will have a fine stagnant 2-month summer.  The temps in UK are totally dependent on the Gulf Stream, and that isn't looking 'too hot' right now.  

My predictions are based on the availability of world heat energy.  We are going down a black hole right now, with a normal cyclical variation.  Don't let the leftwingers take away your natgas, you will need it this winter.  We have ten times the energy delivered to us with pipelines, than electrons through wires.  Our 'electric future' is a pipe dream.

ps Yeah, I just had an 'original thought' which hasn't happened for weeks.  Take that you rotten AI!  The great red spot is pulsing because of flow chatter with the feed, through some islands.  This is the principle driving organ pipes.  Neat.


Anonymous said...

That is neat! De Peter

Anonymous said...

“Pipe dream”. <— That’s rich! 👏 de Peter