Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Arctic break-up and a strong Spring pattern

 What we need now is to have a beaten-back Arctic, and no chance of a severe Arctic spill.  Usually, a Spring pattern then drifts in.

We have the last Arctic thrust for Toronto, I hope.  Because, we have strong-ish Pacific plumes coming in.

Although most of the Arctic seems to be breaking up, there is still a nugget of very cold air hovering over us.  This cold air should be pushed away by the Pacific air over the mountains.  After that, we can do some more garden work.

The official warmie apologists are working overtime.  I hope everybody is happy.

I haven't seen if they invoke the Fickle Jet Stream, or Nasty Polar Fairies yet.  Always a surprise.

ps.  these weather people have the same wonderful pattern.  They get gobsmacked by the cold, they pick themselves off the floor, and trot out the usual suspects.  They can keep this going forever, with no quaint notions of shame, like trumpypants.  I admire them for it.

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