Friday, April 5, 2024

Aftershock to New Jersey earthquake


This is interesting, but due to very poor seismic coverage, the locations are way off.  You would get a better idea by finding if anyone heard explosive sounds.  That's always right on top of the epicentre.  We can expect a few aftershocks, but eastern earthquakes are almost never foreshocks.  If an M6 wants to happen, it happens by itself.

Maybe another M3 as an aftershock, but that won't go on the seismic network.

For something really interesting, we need an M6 right under NYC.  

ps.  light damage from the earthquake, probably shifting the epicentre.  All press comments coming from the us-gus, so all the local mom&pop operations are dead.  Nobody does this any more.

ps so, we would put up the pgv to 1 cm/s

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