Sunday, April 7, 2024

Taiwan earthquake explanations - Part 4

continuing from previous 

Time to sum up and include some extras.

First, the California Hypothesis has been very useful in stopping buildings pancaking.  Tying everything together is like turning a building into a ship.  

That said, the failure of the hypothesis has caused all sorts of problems.  I can confidently say:

All modern buildings have this fatal flaw of failure at 40 cm/s

I will attacked by influencers who use False Logic #14 - Spitting Hairs.  Wouldn't it be neat if those 'Fact Checking' sites did the 'Top 20' of false logic as well.  And in court:  "Your honour, objection due to False Logic #12.  Sustained."  It would change the world.

Anyway, my assertion is not a hypothesis, which is terrible for me.  But, I'll do it anyway, just for attention.  "Your honour, he has declared a scientific fact without the Scientific Method."

I have picked 40 cm/s because we have a lot of experience with it.  All buildings should ride this out without damage.  At over 100 cm/s, like Turkey, we can forget it, the people would be dashed around like a baby's rattle.  All dead.

This concludes the series.

If there are any questions, I'll ignore them.

ps.  whoops the art!

Fall of the Glasses

or People who live in glass houses, shouldn't have earthquakes

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