Sunday, April 21, 2024

Arctic still doing us proud


If we want to plant our gardens, that black colour has to go, and it should stop swooping down on us.  Unfortunately, that is not happening.

We are getting a tiny tropical heat boost from our favourite heat blob in the West Pacific, south of the equator.  I can now read this like a book.  All the bumps in the world temps correlate with how dark the red colour is (higher temperature).  We are now getting a small bump, but the whole thing is fading due to the seasonal change.

We will get a hot, short summer, because there are no ocean breezes, carried by the tropical plumes.  This is essentially desert weather, but the warmies will all call it due to clange.  

ps.  since they only go for one-day peak temperatures, they call no difference between a nice 4 month warm summer, or a one-day summer.  

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