Thursday, March 1, 2018

Remove tariffs on everything


This is becoming ridiculous.  He sees the ad in one show, and this crap spurts out.  We're a tiny country.  We should just remove the tariffs on everything, in fell swoop.  This would take us out of the game.

There's no great consequence to this.  It's not as though we have any branch plants any more.  And imports can't sweep into our clogged entries.  Just the dairy industry, and we all drink almond milk anyway.  (Really, you should see the trucks at the border, coming in)

People can decide for themselves what American junk to buy.  It's all from China.  This will also help us advance to micro-manufacturing, where we won't even import goods, just make them right away with printers.

Get rid of the tariffs and kiss this idiot goodbye.

ps.  this uncertainty is killing us more than anything.

pps.  This is why we should remove ourselves, and declare a 'free port'.

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