Thursday, March 1, 2018

Green Sahara Coming Back


Maybe not, but a heck of a lot of moist air is now pouring over the desert.  These are the conditions that gave us the 'Green Sahara' during the last major ice advance, or Major Ice Age.

We get a hint of it here, as we enter our Mini Ice Age.  The authors here are all hot on orbital variations, but that is a very minor perturbation.  This was at the height of social physics, so they could never mention ocean currents.  Remember, that in physics, it's not important that the tail exists, but whether it can really wag the dog.

So, in this switch, the Northern Hemisphere gets horribly cold, but the Sahara gets rain.  What a great place to grow cannabis!  Cheap land prices.

ps.  my tomato seeds just popped up under the lights.  Everybody in the north should get a greenhouse this year.  :)

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