Saturday, January 23, 2021

Canadian warm spots fade away


This is what I predicted, that the warmie press would go to the last warm spots on earth to push the carbon warming agenda.

As we can see, Labrador is warmer than usual, but still pretty darn cold.  All the north was a warm spot the other day, and it's cooling nicely.  The warmth is caused by Atlantic plumes curving back and avoiding the UK.  

This is an unusual pattern.  My chart is breaking up, but the Pacific pattern looks like it is set up for the next 2 months.  That means continuous Alberta clippers for us.  

Limited heat energy has to go to one place or the other.  

ps.  La Nina continues to die, but the momentum of the warm water continues the flow.  Warmie press is reporting on how La Nina is starting up.  I suppose they'll eventually blame it for the cold.

The cold water is no longer at the source but the cold has almost reached the far west.

pps.  and I knew they would have to go back to Antarctica, even though the ocean is showing colder than normal, but it is summer down there.

The warmie press is so easy to predict, can't wait for the next thing....

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Penny said...

freezing today that's for sure!