Friday, January 15, 2021

Arctic ice doing well


The slope of the curve is highly confined by physics.  However, it is the slope that indicates the current temperature.  This time last year there was a very unusual warm current from the Pacific and you can still see the remnant channel it carved.

Meanwhile, our unusual warmish anomaly is being attacked slowly.  The Arctic was about 3C warmer than usual, and is now down to about 1C.  

The Pacific is getting fed warmer water at the source of the belt current.  That means the plumes are changing and could give us 'high hits'.  Then we get clippers.

There has been a lot of news on the Polar Vortex coming down to hit us.  Please remember that in terms of energy, the stratosphere (polar vortex) is a flock of charging butterflies, the atmosphere is a herd of charging goats, and the ocean is a herd of charging elephants.  The butterflies don't influence the goats, and the goats can't deflect the elephants.  If you want to go with physics, instead of magic, then it's always the other way around.

So, magic or otherwise, we expect Winter to do what Winter does, and get colder.

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Harold Asmis said...

I had been talking to Mr. Polar Vortex (champion of the jet stream river dance), and all that has stopped. I had hoped we could go after a neutral topic, like where did '2020 warmest year' come from. Normally, we could agree to disagree, but I'm thinking their PR department clamped down. He was an original character with a brain, but those guys always get killed. :(

I enjoy the fact that the warmies aren't pipe-bomb types. They just destroy livelihoods and I'm immune. Also, with 10 readers, they don't dare engage me because it gives me 'gravitas', and more readers. It's fine, I'm having fun.