Tuesday, January 19, 2021

No covid in the house


I've been converting all the air filters in the house to UV filters.  I was using the compact fluorescent uv-c bulbs, but now comes a great led uv light.  Super powerful, probably not approved in Canada.

So, don't buy it.  For the larger fan-based air filters, I use up the expensive company filter, and just put in these sheets.

These sheets are 'Physics Phantastic', and are really cheap.  Use these for all your air filters.  I still buy cheap furnace filters because you need the strength, but these are good where you can tape them tight, or drape them on a frame.

It's best if you can beam the UV onto titanium dioxide.  That produces a catalytic reaction with water vapour, and blasts the little critters.

For this project, I painted the intake for the furnace, and put in the led bulb.  That thing is super-powerful, and I have to trust that it is uv-c.  I can feel it on my skin, and a micro flash in  the eyes can be felt.  Very dangerous, and must be covered.  You need a fancy furnace that can run low all the time.

The air coming out of the uvc and titanium feels like fresh Spring air, or fresh laundry on the line.  It's neat.

That's all for this episode of Phantastic Fisics.  :)

I still believe that 90% of covid is spread by bullet particles to the eye, but you can dream that you are safe with this setup.

ps.  for legal purposes DON'T TOUCH UV-C.  Don't lift a hammer, and don't charge the barricades.  All of these things are dangerous, blah, blah.

pps. and for opening all those orders, I am stunned by the effectiveness of this, and it sticks to the fridge.

ps.  if the light can shine out anywhere, you need this to screen it.  That light is powerful and even the tiniest bit gives you a headache.

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