Friday, February 23, 2018

Baby Elfie Drone for Old Men

When away from politics, an old guy needs a real toy.  Problem is that they are all designed for young whipper-snappers.

This is such a tiny thing, and never breaks no matter how hard you hit the pots.  It has almost no mass.  It doesn't knock over the knickknacks.  Likes to suck in dog hairs, so run it where the Roomba has gone before.

This is my video.  Originally, the elfie only had an app.  I can't fly with that, look at the screen, and take pictures.  The kiddies can.  This one has a neato one-hand flying control and I can map that in my head, in my right hand (left side of the brain).  The best thing is that I can hold the old android phone in the other hand and look at the screen (other half of brain).  Then I can press the button for video.  It's fantastic video at 720p, but it's a pinhole thing and meant for bright light.  I am actually using both halves of the brain at the same time, which is usually impossible for a man.  :)

Never any sound on the video, because the thing sounds like a giant swarm of killer bees, out to get you.  Note that the dog has gotten used to it.  More practice gets the thing steadier.

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