Sunday, February 25, 2018

English Majors Can Destroy the World

Old-school lawyers have lost their ability to destroy the world.  "First, shoot all the lawyers"  has no meaning.  Everything is settled by social media, and, there, the Unemployed English Major (UEM) is the 'hired gun' for anything.

In my previous, very popular, articles, I've mentioned the UEM a lot.  He (not being sexist here, because women are too smart) writes for anything, such as fake gun reviews in the US.  He is hired by the neo-nasties, and alarmists.  He can convince any FB user of anything (not that difficult).  He is the expert in using every trick in the book.

The UEM was employed by the Russians to great effect.  And the UEM pushed the whole warming thing.  Anybody who got in their way was destroyed.

Lawyers may get a few nasty criminals out, and they force "Do not microwave the cat" on every appliance, but that's it.  The UEM has wasted trillions, money that could be used to save lives.  Your cough in the morning is from UEM diesel particulates coming out.  Lots of people die with that.

Let's cut the wings of the UEM before they kill us all.  Instead of giving up on plastics, don't write about it on FB or Twit.  Boycott both of those cesspools of faulty intellect.  Let the UEM go the way of non-technical lawyers. 

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