Thursday, July 15, 2021

Climate Change causes floods in Germany

 Now that 'climate change' is used for both hot and cold, I can 'embrace' climate change.  However, I'm going to 'change' it to cimate change, and chimate change, to keep them separate in my mind.

This is the MIMIC chart, which shows air with precipitable water.  That means warm and moist air.  You only get any action when it meets cold air.

You can see that 'high water load' air is meeting the general cold that has plagued the region.  Thus, cimate meets chimate.  Thus, this will become a 'climate change' story, and I accept that.

You can by the picture that the lady is wearing a sweater in July.  They are cold, flooded, and miserable. This is climate change in action.  The minimum temperatures are like, 10C.

As we enter an ice age cycle of unknown magnitude, these will be our climate change stories, and people will have to look very hard for a heat wave story.

ps.  since I don't like to type, I'll just call it 'clange', and the song:

Everyone is special!

Everything is clange.

pps.  big tornado in Barrie is clange.  Hope it didn't hit the cottage.  Hope everybody went to their basement and didn't hang around taking videos.

more:  and you thought I was wrong to blame clange.


Neil T said...

Ok... Super cold at the poles, super hot at the equator with a narrow band between the 2 of pissing rain in the summer and huge snow dumps in the winter. Correct?

Harold Asmis said...

Basically, it rains heavily where the tropical air plumes meet the cold. As the world gets cold, those zones move down to new areas.