Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Stealth article on Little Ice Age


This is a great idea.  The idea is to describe the Little Ice Age as all the things that are now happening around the world, but constantly say it shows how terrible clange is going to be.  The next article will be on the warming period before.  

If I want to be in the media, then I'll write 'Determine the exact carbon sensitivity through geophysics. ' I'll go on and on about how terrible the heat waves will be, and how important it is to know the exact timing.  Of course, the carbon sensitivity is zero, but who knows that?

ps.  'Horrendous Heat Waves of the Medieval Warm Cycle"

'Endless fires of the Roman Warm Period'  :) 

'Both Hilter and Nappy picked a bad time to invade Russia'

'30's Dust Bowl Coming Soon'

more:  this fits into the paper that said that direct physics modelling of the ocean currents shows that all previous warming and cooling cycles were cause by ocean turnover, but everybody knows that 'this' climate change is caused by carbon dioxide, and we're not even looking at it'.  That paper has disappeared.  blah.

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